Who Is Pack 057?

Pack 057 (pronounced "zero-five-seven") was founded in 2012 and is chartered, and meets, out of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Georgia. The Pack primarily recruits from Bells Ferry Elementary School, which is just about a mile from its meeting place, though others are welcome to join as well.

Our program is family centered, and includes, but is not limited to, games, camping, pinewood derbies, crafts, themed events, field trips, and more!  Siblings are welcomed to participate alongside Scouts, and parents are encouraged to become involved with their child’s Scouting experience. 

The mission of Pack 057 is to provide a fun and engaging program to enrich the lives of children in Kindergarten through 5th grade, allowing them opportunities for personal growth, citizenship, community service, developing outdoor skills, leadership, and peer interaction.


How are Scouts organized?

All Scouts collectively are referred to as a “Pack.”   All Scouts are placed in “Dens”, which are generally based upon their grade level. A breakdown of the Dens/grade levels is below.

Kindergarten – Lions

1stGrade – Tigers

2ndGrade – Wolves

3rdGrade – Bears

4thGrade – Webelos (1stYear)

5thGrade – Webelos (2ndYear)


When does Pack 057 meet? 

Pack 057 currently meets on Tuesdays at 6:30pm during the Cobb County school year, with Pack Meetings being held once a month and Den Meetings being held the other weeks.  All meetings usually last about an hour. Activities are usually held on weekends throughout the year, including some Summer time fun!


Tuesdays don’t work for me, what do I do?

Pack 057 has its facilities at Covenant Presbyterian Church reserved for Tuesdays, with other organizations having them reserved most other days.  As such, if you have a conflict on Tuesdays, we recommend checking out FoothillsBSA.org to locate other Cub Scout units in your area.  Please note we cannot comment on the program structure (or meeting nights) of other Scouting units. 


Who’s in charge?

Our leadership is entirely volunteer based, so parents/guardians are encouraged to be involved in such areas as Den Leaders (those that guide a small group of Scouts of the same age trough activities and advancement through the program) or Committee Members (those that help with the logistics of the unit, its membership, and activities). All volunteers have brief, but informative, online training specific to their position, as well as mandatory Youth Protection Training (also online).  Pack 057 is always looking for new and energetic adult volunteers throughout the year, so if you're not ready to step into a role right away, no problem! 

Parents are required to attend all meeting and activities with children in Kindergarten and 1stgrade (as well as with siblings).  All parents are requested to attend monthly Pack Meetings so that they can be present when we recognize their child with awards and more.  Parents are required to be present with any non-Scout siblings at all times.  Parents must discuss arrangements with their Den Leader, or other responsible adult, whenever they will not be present for grades 2-5.


How much does it cost?

Annual membership dues are discussed and approved each year by the parents of the Scouts and go to fund the program for the current school year.  For the 2020-2021 program year, these are $147 for first time Scouts and $100 for returning Scouts.  This includes national BSA membership and insurance fees, credit card processing fees, meeting and activity materials, awards earned by the Scouts, and other related items. 


What else will I need?

Membership dues do not include the Scout uniform and book (these can be purchased at the Atlanta Scout shop, located at 1800 Circle 75 Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339 or online at ScoutShop.org).  Some activities, such as campouts, visits to museums, etc. also require a separate fee based upon the cost of admission and/or stay. 


Do volunteers have to pay?

Adults are not charged annual dues by the Pack, but they are required to complete an adult membership application and pay the annual BSA membership fee (currently $42).  This fee assists the BSA with processing costs, background checks (to keep our Scouts safe), training materials, and other such areas to make our program possible.


Do I have to sell anything?

No. Fundraisers to help offset costs of activities are an option based upon the willingness of adult volunteers to organize and oversee, and are completely voluntary when/if they occur. 


Is it true that girls can join the program too?

Yes!  As of August 2018, both boys and girls in grades K-5 can join the Cub Scout program. 


So….what happens when my child completes 5th grade?  

The Cub Scout program is offered for children in grades K-5.  From 6th– 12thgrade (or until the child turns 18) they can be a part of the Scouting BSA program.  Pack 057 is a feeder unit for  Troop 750 (who has an awesome Scouting program), but your child may choose to join any Troop.  All BSA Troops programs, dues, etc. are operated separately from Pack 057, so you will want to meet with your Troop leadership for all information regarding their unit.


What if my child skipped/repeated a grade?  Will they be required to skip or repeat a year of Cub Scouts?

While the Cub Scout program often references grade levels when discussing Den structure, this is in reference to the maturity level of the Scout.  Pack 057 leadership will work with parents to ensure that their child is in the appropriate Den based upon their comfort/maturity level, despite actual grade level. 

We hope to see you at a future meeting! For more information, please submit your information to us via the contact page and a Pack leader will respond to you as quickly as possible.